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Can ChatGPT Write School Reports?

Yes it can, and I'll show you some examples. But before you rush to start using it...

Data protection - be aware

As of March 2023, by default OpenAI (the makers of ChatGPT) can keep the data you type into ChatGPT and furthermore they can use it to train their models. Here's the source

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Should Teachers Use AI to Write School Reports?

This is an interesting question with many facets to it.

This article concerns the general use of AI to write school reports. If you are thinking of using ChatGPT to write school reports READ THIS FIRST.

Here are some advantages of using AI to write school reports…

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Empowering Self-Regulated Learning

One of the notable recommendations by the EEF is to cultivate 'self-regulation' among students. In my practice, I've effectively integrated student reflection into my preparation for report writing and parents' evenings, fostering an environment that encourages students to plan, monitor, and evaluate their own learning progress…

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How Do We Reduce Risk?

At Real Fast Reports, we help teachers write better reports in less time using AI.

Teachers write reports in bullet point format. We use AI to turn the bullet points into prose. The bullet points go into a searchable "comment bank," which significantly speeds up report writing.

Here's an example…

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Is AI Biased?

TLDR; Yes - most AIs are biased, so care is needed when using them.

Real Fast Reports uses AI similar to ChatGPT to help teachers write school reports. These AIs take written text as their input and generate written text as their output. We can call them "Generative Natural Language AIs" to differentiate them from other types of AI.

For example, if you input…

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Feeling Stressed? Try Meditation

Teaching can be stressful for many reasons, and report writing is only one of them.

Meditation is a simple technique that can help you feel better in a very short space of time.

If you're in a hurry, try this one minute exercise…

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Can ChatGPT Answer Physics Questions?

Recently a teacher I know asked ChatGPT how ChatGPT might be used in physics education. Part of ChatGPT's response included:

Interactive problem-solving: ChatGPT can be used to provide real-time feedback and guidance to students as they work through physics problems…

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Can ChatGPT Write In Other Languages?

There is a lot of talk and excitement about GPT-4 this week, quite understandably.

People are saying that GPT-4 will be "multimodal" and will able to take input in one language and give output in another.

And I've heard people say that ChatGPT can't do that, and that ChatGPT can only respond in English…

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