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Write your reports in bullet point format. We use an AI like ChatGPT to turn them into personalised reports written in fluent prose.


There's no need to write in full sentences. All bullet points you write go into a comment bank so they can be reused easily for other students.


Focus your energy on giving meaningful individual feedback to each student. Parents and students will love your reports.

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It's free to try, with no credit card required. Our prices are great value considering the hours of time you can save.


End of year Physics report for Josh in Year 10

Teacher input:
  • good progress
  • enjoys the subject
  • has found some topics hard
  • missed numerous homework deadlines - must improve
  • achieved a good result in the end of year exam, but could do much better
  • needs to practise calculations and rearranging equations
AI assistant output:
Josh has made good progress in Physics this year. He has enjoyed the subject and has found some topics harder than others, but has persevered and achieved a good result in the end of year exam. However, he must improve his homework punctuality and practise calculations and rearranging equations if he is to achieve his full potential in the subject.

End of term report for Anna in Year 2

Teacher input:
  • wonderful start to Year 2
  • great progress socially, academically, and in behaviour
  • listens carefully in lessons
  • applies learning well when working independently
  • shows creative thinking when choosing own learning
  • have a great Christmas break
AI assistant output:
Anna has had a wonderful start to Year 2. She has made great progress socially, academically, and in behaviour. She listens carefully in lessons and applies her learning well when working independently. She also shows creative thinking when choosing her own learning. We wish Anna a great Christmas break and we look forward to seeing more of the same progress next term.


Can I try it for free? Yes - after you sign up you can generate ten reports for free. We're sure you'll love it!

How fast is it? Super fast - on average it takes teachers just one or two minutes to write each report. Real Fast Reports can save you hours of precious time.

Do you offer school subscriptions? Absolutely - contact us on [email protected] for more info. We can have you set up in no time. Your staff will be grateful!

Does it work in my country? Real Fast Reports works for any reports written in English. We have happy users from the UK, Australia, Singapore and more.

Is it safe? Yes - we take data protection very seriously. Check our data protection page for more details.


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About Us

Real Fast Reports was made by Peter and Angela. Together we have over 20 years of teaching experience and we share a passion for improving education and making teachers' lives easier.

From our experience as teachers (and parents) we know the impact that great school reports can have. But we're also aware how challenging and time consuming report writing can be.

So we created Real Fast Reports to help time-pressured teachers write better, more personalized reports faster. We hope you find it useful!