Revolutionising Report Writing: The Journey of Real Fast Reports

Real Fast Reports, the brainchild of Peter Gravell and Angela Newton, emerged from a shared vision in 2022. With a combined teaching experience of over 20 years, the founders were driven by their commitment to supporting teachers and streamlining their workload.

The Struggle of Report Writing

Writing school reports is a taxing task for teachers, often extending into evenings and weekends. As mental fatigue takes hold it becomes increasingly challenging to provide meaningful feedback, and the quality and accuracy of reports decline. This not only affects teacher wellbeing but also undermines the essential purpose of engaging parents and students constructively.

The Value of Personalised Reports

Despite the demanding process, the founders acknowledge the significance of well-crafted reports. As parents themselves, they experience the joy of receiving reports that truly reflect their children's personalities. This not only demonstrates the teacher's understanding and care but also fosters trust and respect, encouraging parents to engage with their child's learning.

A Game-Changing Solution

In 2022, a breakthrough in AI technology called GPT-3 offered an opportunity to revolutionise report writing. While exploring its capabilities, Peter and Angela realised its potential for transforming school reports. Within months, they developed a prototype and validated its appeal and effectiveness through user testing.

Fast forward to spring 2023, and Real Fast Reports is growing faster than ever, having been featured in major UK newspapers and gaining the trust of an increasing number of schools. We're extremely proud to have already helped thousands of teachers around the world save countless hours writing personalised, meaningful reports for their students.