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Our school subscriptions give all your teachers access to our fast, secure, web-based report writing tool.

It's easy for teachers to write accurate, personalised reports that are free of errors. No downloads or installation necessary.

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What schools say


“Real Fast Reports is the best tech investment we have made as a school recently.”


“I gave it to our staff to test and they were absolutely blown away.”


“After moving to Real Fast reports there was not a single name error on any report.”

Schools FAQs

How much does it cost? Try it free this summer term (terms apply). After that the price is £10 per teacher per year.

Is it easy to use? Yes - after watching a two minute instructional video your staff will be ready to get started. Real Fast Reports works in any modern web browser. No installation is needed.

How quickly can we get set up? Very quickly! Most schools are ready to go within a matter of hours. The majority of reports are written in the final week before the deadline, so it's never too late to sign up and support your staff.

How can we contact you? You can sign up for the free trial using the form above. If you have any questions, email us on [email protected] or book a 15 minute video call.

Do you work with schools outside the UK? Yes - we have school customers around the world. Real Fast Reports works for any school reports written in English.

Is it secure? Yes - all data is stored within the EU, and is transferred using end-to-end encryption. Data is encrypted at rest and protected by point-in-time backup.

Will it work with our MIS? Yes - you can import class lists for all teachers easily using a simple spreadsheet export from your MIS. Check out a demo video.

Can it correct English? Yes - spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected automatically. This is extremely useful for teachers who are dyslexic or non-native English speakers.